Make Your Party More Enjoyable With Inflatables, Bounce Houses and Waterslides

Del Huerto Party Rentals has inflatables for all parties and events. Looking for a way to add fun and spice up your next Hanover, Gettysburg, or Adams County event? We’ve got you covered. Our inflatables are designed to bring fun to your event, whether a corporate event, school party, birthday party, or any other.

We offer a great selection of inflatables, including inflatable slide rentals. You can choose from our single and double slides, water slides, and more. Also, our booking process is flexible, fast, and easy. You can expect us to deliver on time and set up your party venue before the event starts. 


Our Inflatable Rentals

Are you interested in any one of our inflatable rentals? Rest assured that we are happy to help. You can start by picking the perfect inflatable rental you want for your event and adding it to your cart. We realize that you may miss some things in the heat of the moment, so we recommend that you don’t forget the essentials, including the tents, chairs, tables. Once you added all items to your cart you can add your booking details. Don’t forget to provide your important event and contact information such as event date, address, phone number, and any additional details.

We require that you pay a small deposit upon booking, or you could pay in full ahead of the event. Our expert team will arrive on time and get everything set up before your event commences. We will ensure that all party rentals are clean, disinfected, and safety checked to ensure a fun experience.

Why Hanover, Gettysburg, and Adams County Customers Trust Us

Fast Delivery

Flexible Scheduling

Proven Satisfaction

Large Selection

New Inflatables You May Love

When thinking of inflatable rentals, you can trust us to offer you some of the newest rentals on the market. We keep our inventory of inflatables refreshed to meet every one of your needs. Here are some new inflatables you can rent to spice up your next party or event.

Mechanical Bulls

Looking to organize a cowboy-themed party? We have just the perfect inflatable for you. Our mechanical bull tests your skills and resilience. Think you have what it takes? We can supply your next event. Don’t worry, our mechanical bull is safe and you’ll always hit a soft landing when you fall off.
You can trust us to bring the fun to your event, whether you’re hosting a kids party, a mixed one with adults and children present, or something for the adults to unwind. Our selection of water slides will keep you happy and your guests entertained.

Bounce houses

Bring the fun to your next event with an array of bounce houses to choose from. Trust that all of our inflatables comply with the highest safety and quality standards. Make your party fun with bounce houses available in different themes.

Inflatable combos

Our inflatable combos are the perfect party props to keep your guests entertained and happy. Browse through our inventory to choose the perfect theme for your party. We’d be there on time to set things up.
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