Watch Your Party’s Atmosphere Elevate With Our Waterslides

Our birthday party, school event, corporate event, or others are incomplete without adrenaline-induced waterslides. Water slides have become an important part of fun parties and events, and you shouldn’t miss out on the fun. At Del Huerto Party Rentals, we bring an array of water slides closer to our customers in Hanover, Gettysburg, and Adams County, PA.

We know how badly you want your party to be fun, and we are ready to help you achieve this goal with our selection of wet and dry water slides. We have everything from average-sized slides for children to combo bounce houses and giant water slides for adult participation. Don’t want to be left out of the fun? Choose from our waterslides today!

Your waterslide rentals are carefully maintained, thoroughly cleaned, and disinfected. You can expect to have the most fun, with safety and hygiene priority. Trust our expert staff to arrive as early as possible at your event venue and have everything set up and ready to go before the party gets started.

Looking for more ways to add fun to your party? Add blow-up, bouncy, big water slide rentals, and giant slides to your list. They are all affordable, and booking is easy!

Rent a waterslide now via our online booking process.

What Age Should I Rent A Water Slide For?

Water slides are fun for all ages, from toddlers to adults. However, before you rent, our team will ensure that all of the products to be supplied have been carefully checked to ensure safety and avoid disappointments. Our selection of water slides is perfect for all ages. Some of the rentals you can choose for a specific age range include:

Water Slide Rentals For Children Between 2 and 12 years

Looking to throw a party that’ll have many children between the ages of 2 and 12 present? We have a few interesting selections of water slides that are just perfect for your occasion. We have many water slide bounce house rentals for you to choose from based on the theme of your party.

This recommendation is backed by many reasons, including safety considerations. With water slide bounce houses, your children get to enjoy 2-in-1 fun by sliding down and experiencing the cushioning effects of our inflatable. You can rest assured that they’ll be occupied throughout your event. 

Water Slide Rentals For Ages 7
to Adult

Throwing a party for guests ages 7 and up? We have just the perfect inflatable water slides to keep your event fun and engaging. Trust our selection of Slip N Slide water slides ranging from 10ft. to about 24ft. We have other fun elements that will keep your guests glued to their inflatables while enjoying every moment of your party.

Contact us today to discuss your water slide rental needs or book online to get started. We bring fun to your party while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety practices. 

Why Hanover, Gettysburg, and Adams County Customers Trust Us

At Del Huerto Party Rentals, we have proven ourselves to be one of the leaders in the party rentals space. Our customers have come to trust us because we offer:

Fast Delivery

Flexible Scheduling

Proven Satisfaction

Large Selection

Choose the Best Inflatable Water Slides to rent in Hanover, Gettysburg and Adams County, PA.

Wet and Dry Slide

Double Drop Dolphin Water Slide
Tropical Waterslide
Water Slide with Pool

Dump Bucket

Our expertise allows us to create the perfect conditions to make your party a memorable event. Regardless of the location and occasion, our waterslides are sure to bring enjoyment to every participant. Rest assured that safety is our number one precaution and all our waterslides are entirely safe.

Call us now and rent a waterslide for your upcoming event. 

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