Give Your Party The Shade It Needs With Our Tents

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a family get-together, a birthday party, graduation party, or other celebration, it’s vital to make sure that your guests are seated in a comfortable place. Though there are many aspects to having a wonderful occasion, tents are one of the most preliminary aspects to consider. Hence, you need reliable party rental services to set up the perfect tents to house your party guests. Contact us at Del Huerto Party Rentals for your party tents, such as frame tent rentals, pole tent rentals, etc.

At Del Huerto Party Rentals, we offer top-notch tent rental services to Hanover, Gettysburg, and Adams County residents. We have a wide selection of tents to meet your needs.

We understand that every party is unique and has different requirements ranging from the party theme to the number of guests, the size of the party location, and more. Due to the uniqueness of each party, we provide various sizes of tents to house various capacities. We have well-versed workers who will learn about your needs and guide you in selecting a suitable tent capacity.

Our Outstanding Qualities At Del Huerto Party Rentals

Del Huerto Party Rentals is a rental company that takes pleasure in offering top-quality rental services to help our clients enjoy a beautiful celebration. Since our inception, we have stood out for excellence in our line of business. Here are some of our outstanding qualities.


You’ll get high-quality professional services when you hire us at Del Huerto Party Rentals. Before we rent out tents for your party, we’ll take the necessary steps toward understanding the size of the space at your party location. With the knowledge of that size of space and the number of guests, we’ll offer you the tent size that’ll sufficiently meet your needs. If you have a color theme for your party, we have tents that’ll bring the theme of your party to life.

Vast Selection Of Tent Size

No matter the size of your party, whether big or small, we have the perfect tent to meet your needs. Our vast selection of pole and frame tents makes it easier for our clients to choose their preferred selection.

Some of the framed tent sizes we offer include: 15×15, 20×20, 20×30, 30×30, 20×40, 40×40, and 40×80. We also have various sizes of pole tents. You can call us to find out more about the available sizes.

Prompt Services

At Del Huerto Party Rentals, we don’t slack in attending to the needs of our customers in and around Hanover, Gettysburg, and Adams County. Once you contact us for your party rental needs, we’ll begin to make plans to ensure that your tents are set up for you at your desired time. Even if your party is located far away in the city, we’ll have your rentals delivered to you for free if you’re within 15 miles of our location. All our services are of top quality, and they’re all affordable. Contact us today to get a quote for your rental needs.
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